Our company’s features are the atmosphere of the workplace. There are many young employees and they are full of vigor. We aim to create a workplace where young people and newcomers can be active.

Design, mold, casting, processing, assembly, which usually tends to be divided into division of labor. We are constantly working on all of them, pursuing high quality and low cost.

This attitude has been highly appreciated by our customers, the business achievements are steadily expanding, and we are delivering machine parts to a variety of industries, including agricultural machinery, textile machinery,machine tools, and other 200 companies.

Recently, we have also established our own factory in China to improve the level of manufacturing department.
The collaboration with local universities is also going well, and we can expect significant increase in production in the future in China. Strengthening the headquarters is the current task so that we will not be defeated by the momentum of China.

In order to build a future system, we need to focus on developing young people from the front.
We are looking for human resources who can sympathize with our attitude even though it is inexperienced, learn through practical work, and grow with us.

In accordance with your career and aspirations, we prepare a wide range of work, posts and so on. Let’s work together.

Masayuki Okazaki President

Background of Recruitment

Expansion of business through operation of new plant in China. Currently, we are in a state of great growth. we are forced to further strengthen our headquarters structure so as to have a role as headquarters functioning over China factories and affiliates.
At our company, the management department is responsible for sales, production control and material purchasing. This department plays a very important role in cooperating internally and externally.
The current chief of administrative department who is active at the moment is a career change group from entirely different industries. Even if it is inexperienced, we can provide a fundamental culture to grow firmly.
We will not ask for experiences again this time. We are waiting for entries of those with high growth motivation.

Job Information

Job category
  • Production control, material procurement
  • Machining (MC / NC operator)
  • CAD / CAM operator
Work locationOkayama city / head office ・ Casting section ・ Machining section ・ Mold section (No relocation)
Car commuting available
Working hours8:00~16:50
Overtime work is at most around 2 hours a day
SalaryMonthly salary : 180,000 ~ 250,000 yen
※ The above amount is the minimum guaranteed salary
  We will decide by mutual discussion considering age and experience
WelfareRaising salary once a year,Bonus twice a year, Meal allowance, Transportation expenses,
Various social insurance, Retirement payment system
Holiday and vacationFive-day workweek system (Every Sunday, twice a month on Saturdays)
Holidays, New Year’s holidays, Golden week, summer holidays, yearly paid holidays,
congratulation or condolence leave, special vacation
OtherImprovement case presentation, bowling competition, golf competition etc.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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