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About exemption from responsibility

We strive to maintain as accurate as possible about the information posted on this website, but these are not guarantees of any kind.
We will not bear any responsibility for troubles between customers and third parties arising in the use of the site, and also if there is an error in its contents. In addition, we are not responsible for any accidents or other damage on software or hardware caused by the use of the site.

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The copyright of the contents recorded on the site belongs to us. However, for some copyrighted works produced by outsourcing parties, there may be authors other than our company.
You do not mind downloading the site for personal use, or saving the data on your computer, but you can not print it on other websites or print media. Beyond the scope permitted under the copyright law as other, you can not use the contents contained in the site without permission from the copyright owner.

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These plays a role of improving convenience when you browse the site. With the cookie itself it is impossible to start the program or send the virus, it is not harmful, but if you refuse to accept cookies please change the browser setting.

Privacy policy

We respect personal information provided by customers on the site and strive to protect privacy. Here we will explain our policies regarding customers handling of personal information.

About privacy protection

Normally, when customers browse the site they do not need to provide individual information such as address, name, e-mail address etc.
However, within the site there is a page asking for customer’s personal information regarding questionnaire etc. for the purpose of contacting with customers and improving service.
In that case, we are requesting the provision of customer’s personal information within the minimum necessary range, but we will fully respect the free will of individual customers as to whether or not to fill in.
When dealing with customers personal information, we strive to prevent leakage to the outside with proper management by putting the responsible person in charge.
In addition, we will endeavor to protect customers’ personal information by implementing appropriate and rational level of safety measures against danger such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification from outside.

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