Die-casting mold
Utilizing precision processing technology at our processing department, after undergoing the manufacture of forged molds, we began making full-scale aluminum die-casting molds around 1990.
Although the die-casting mold manufacturing was a departure from absolutely inexperience, we introduced advanced system like the three-dimensional CAD / CAM as early as possible, and then we worked on the latest digital technology in the mold field that was said to be craftsmanship.
Since then, over 20 years, we’ve continued to make efforts every day so that we can offer the best molds to our customers, taking advantage of the knowledge learned from production experience of more than 800.

Flow of design

1, Meeting

Full-time staff will make arrangement with customers detailed specifications of the products.
In addition, we will respond flexibly to all forms of exchange of data with customers.

2, Design

We will design the mold based on the material drawing received from the customer.
We will create part drawings and parts lists from this mold data and make mold models.

3, Modeling

n parallel with mold design, we will model the die design for material and work with 3D CAD.
We support CAD data written in various formats.

When the structure is complicated, we may model the entire die including cooling holes and hydraulic piping etc. By doing this, suppression of trouble and optimization of design are carried out.

About processing and assembly

  • Calculation of NC data by CAM, and cutting simulation
  • Various machining centers are installed from die engraving to electrode machining.
    In addition, our machining centers are all operating by a command (DNC7) from a host computer, so unmanned operation for 24 hours is possible even for processing requiring a long time such as a big product.
  • Electric machining is also carried out with wire cutting, high-capacity electric discharge machines and high-speed gloss  electric discharge machines.

Main equipment of mold section

Mechanical equipment
Maker Model name Type Number of
Processing capacity
and dimensions
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd FNC1710-A30 Vertical machining center 1 1700×1000×700
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd V33i Graphite Vertical machining center 1 650×450×350
Yasuda Kogyo Co., Ltd. YBM950V Vertical machining center 2 900×500×350
DMG Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. DMC100UduoBLOCK 5 axis machining center 1 1000×1250×1000
JTEKT Corporation FH-80S Horizontal machining center 1 1350×1150×1150
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. NC type carving electric discharge EDNC85 1 800×500×350
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. NC type carving high speed gloss electric discharge machine EDNC43S 1 450×300×320
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Wire electric discharge machine MV-2400R 1 600×400×310
Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd. Surface grinding machine PSG84 1 800×400
Metrotec Corporation CMM RS30 DCC 1 1000×750×625
CAD/CAM equipment
Maker Model name Type Number of
Processing capacity
and dimensions
NDES Space/E Draw 2D CAD 1 PC WorkStation
NDES Space/E Modeler,CAM 3D CAD/CAM 1 PC WorkStation
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. FF/CAM 3D CAM 1 PC WorkStation
VERO VISI-CAD/CAM 3D CAD/5axisCAM 1 PC WorkStation
VERO VISI-CAD Mould 3D CAD 1 PC WorkStation


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