We are producing cast products by various methods such as cast iron casting, spherical graphite casting, aluminum die-casting, and aluminum gravity casting etc.Casting from 0.3 kg to 8000 kg is possible by various processing methods according to customer’s purpose and cost.

Pig iron casting (FC200, FC250) / Spherical graphite casting (FCD450-FCD600) / Aluminum die-casting / Aluminum gravity casting

Casting by various methods

Electric furnace
Electric furnace

With the addition of 1 ton high-frequency electric furnace, our production capacity has doubled to produce 200 tons per month. We can deal with various materials of FC200 – FC250 and FCD450 -FCD600.

Automatic modeling line
Automatic modeling line

By introducing Hunter HLH-20 type in 2007, and making the line two-layer type, effective use of space become possible and also cooling time can be longered.
Frame size : 508x609x180/190
Product weight : Can handle up to about 50 kg

Furan resin roller line
Furan resin roller line

By introducing a roller line, the efficiency of furan resin molding increases. Product size : Can handle up to about 1600 mm in diameter
Product weight : Can handle up to about 1000 kg

Main equipment of casting section

Equipment namestandard
Dissolution1 ton high frequency electric furnace x 2 machines
Sand treatmentMS 2G x 2 machines / 1.5G x 1 machine
Automatic molding machineHMP-20 508x610x165/190 (tact time : 20 seconds) Furan resin roller line
Shot blastSB40k(800 kg) x 1 machine / 1t x 1 machine
Inspection instrumentCE meter, Graphite spheroidization ratio measuring apparatus, Microscope, Brinell hardness tester, Sand inspection instrument, etc.
OtherDust collection facility, Soundproof equipment, Cast finishing equipment, Various transport facility, etc.


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