Company Information

Message from the president

As a company, we have ever pursued carefully what is “what it should be” as a manufacturing industry.
Beginning with the casting industry, we have continued running by expanding the range from casting to processing, to molds, to assemblies, and to advance into China, while thinking first that we become the company customers always want to order.

We have been expanding our business to China for about 30 years and we have also worked to hire and focused on nurturing local employees. In 2006, We launched mold and processing factory, Zhengzhou Nissin Seiko Co., Ltd. with a 100% equity investment.
In 2010, We have newly established “Zhengzhou Rishin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.”, which are working on integrated production from mold for aluminum die casting and aluminum gravity casting. We also began manufacturing and selling from aluminum gravity machines and shell machines.We are constantly expanding the range of manufacturing to pursue improvement of productivity.

Company policy

『Creating new value』

There is a limit to getting customers happy with price competition of ready-made goods alone.
We have established a consistent production system from design and manufacturing to quality control.
We have proposed the most efficient “Monozukuri” (manufacturing), while maintaining functionality and quality to meet with customers’ difficult demands. Also, taking advantage of the network and organizational capabilities of the group network including the Chinese factory, it is possible to achieve substantial cost reduction with a different approach.
We always propose ourselves and create new value. That is fundamental concept of our company.

The origin of company name and corporate mark

corporate mark

With infinity as a motif, represent the intention to innovate and develop from one world (circle) to the next world (circle).

“INNOTECH” is defined as a fusion of Innovation and Hi-Technology. We have the desire to achieve infinite growth by integrating innovation of people and technology, and its thinking process. We will create new value by ourselves without being caught by existing values. That is our motto.

Company Profile

Company nameINNOTECH Co.,
PresidentMasayuki Okazaki
FoundingNovember, 1953
Number of employees170 employees
Capital95 million yen
Head office 570-1 Tamagashi, Kita-ku Okayama-shi, Okayama, 701-2142,
Amount of sales2.4 billion 80 million yen (December, 2018 fiscal year)
Business contentsFC casting of industrial parts, FCD casting, aluminum die-casting, aluminum gravity casting
Precision machining of machining parts such as turning and cutting machining parts
Design and production of aluminum die-casting mold
Production and wholesale sales of power transmission parts such as V pulley and coupling
Main clientYanmar Holdings Co., Ltd., KANZAKI KOKYUKOKI Mfg. Co., Ltd., Daiki Sangyo Co., Ltd.,
BANDO Chemical Industries, Ltd., Murata Machinery, Ltd., MEIJI AIR COMPRESSOR Mfg. Co., Ltd.,
Kubota Corporation,TACMINA Corporation, Hitachi Appliances, Inc., Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.,
New Delta Industrial Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., etc.


March 1979Hiroshi Okazaki is appointed president. (Company rebuilding started)
1980Introduction of casting factory hunter line
1983Introduction of casting factory ASN line
1983Set up a processing plant in Okayama City Uchio
1986We borrow factories from Okayama Giken Industrial Co., Ltd., and we are engaged in mold manufacturing
1990Mold production department moved to Musa in Okayama City. Work on full-scale mold production as a mold part.
1993Established an office in Zhengzhou City, Henan, China
1994Started accepting trainees from China
1995Moved processing section to Okayama city Tamachi
1995Hiroshi Okazaki was entrusted with the reconstruction of Kanemitsu Co., Ltd. and was concurrently president.
2006Established Zhengzhou Nissin Seiko Co., Ltd. with 100% stake in China Zhengzhou.
2009INNOTECH’s 30th anniversary commemoration ceremony
2010Merger of Kanemitsu Co., Ltd
2010Established Zhengzhou Rishin Precision Machinert Co., Ltd. with 100% ownership in Zhengzhou East Development Zone
2010Began an improvement case presentation group for the entire group as an annual event
2011Started “MICKEY Activity” in company improvement activities
2018We plan to complete a new integrated plant at Okayama Saidaiji in November
November 2018New factory starts operation at Saidaiji, Higashi ward, Okayama city
201940th anniversary since established INNOTECH CO., Ltd.
2019Masayuki Okazaki takes on the president of INNOTECH CO., Ltd.

Company organization

Company organization

Division List

Domestic Division
Division NameMain Business
Casting DivisionManufacture of various cast parts (FCD/FC casting, furan resin casting, gravity casting)
Processing DivisionPrecision turning and cutting of various industrial machine parts such as castings, forged products, and Die-casting
Mold DivisionDesign and production of aluminum die-casting mold
Power Transmission DivisionManufacturing and sales of power transmission parts such as pulley and coupling
Overseas Division
Division NameMain Business
Representative of Rishin Co., Ltd.Trade and supervision work of the Chinese factory
Zhengzhou Nissin Seiko Co., Ltd.Machining of casting, forging and die-casting products
Zhengzhou Rishin Precision Machinert Co., Ltd. Fabrication of precision molds for gravity casting and die casting production


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